Mirrors in your home can trick the eye into thinking the room is brighter and larger, create a statement, reflect your favourite items and enjoy them from more angles, give the illusion of space. Finish off that room – bathroom over the vanity, full length walk in robe mirror, the options are endless. Polished edge or aluminium framed mirrors on offer, ask about your required size for a quote.

Wardrobe Sliding Doors - Mirror/Glass


Sliding wardrobe doors. We have a comprehensive, modern and stylish range. Modern profiles that are suitable for opaque and coloured glass as well as mirror doors, our aluminium framing system uses load-bearing rollers which are designed to fit in your ready made space. Update those older tracks and doors to a modern look.

Mirror & Mirror Wardrobe Door Download

Framed Mirrors (pdf)

ION Mirrors Wardrobe Doors (pdf)

Deco Framed Mirror Wardrobe Doors (pdf)