Hunter Valley Glass & Windscreens do windscreen repairs and replacements on all makes and models of vehicles including trucks and heavy vehicles, 4WDs, luxury cars and sports cars. We replace all glass on a vehicle from the front windscreen, rear windscreen, driver window, passenger window, or quarter glass. We use only quality glass that is compliant with Australian Standards. We also work with an extensive network of motor dealerships and accident repairers. Hunter Valley Glass & Windscreens are a preferred service centre for Instant Windscreens.

How do I claim my windscreen on insurance?

Damaged windscreen? Here’s how to claim:

  1. Before making the call or online claim, make a note of as much detail about the damage as possible before you contact your insurer – where and when the incident happened and take photographs if necessary.
  2. Contact your insurer and provide full details of the claim. Depending on your insurance company, you may be able to bypass them completely and go directly to the windscreen repair company with your policy number.
  3. Once you have the go-ahead from your insurer, you can either book your vehicle in with Hunter Valley Glass & Windscreens for the glass replacement or the insurance company will allocate to us for you. Always make note of the claim number from your insurer. Hunter Valley Glass & Windscreens is an authorised supplier to fleet companies as well as an approved provider for major insurance companies for quality windscreen repairs and windscreen replacements.



When you enquire with our office to request a quote or to schedule your vehicle windscreen or glass replacement our staff will ask you a few questions to correctly identify the exact windscreen required for your vehicle. This will include make, model, year of manufacture, any rain sensors, antenna, or cameras on the front windscreen. This assists with determining the correct screen is ordered to fit your vehicle.If you are worried about any cracks on your vehicle, phone or call in to have it assessed. Having a hairline crack bigger than 30mm will result in a Safety Check Inspection failure. Read more about the NSW government’s Vehicle Standard Guidelines in our Downloads section below. Call Hunter Valley Glass & Windscreens for a windscreen quote 0265721788.



Most vehicles today have windscreen forward facing cameras as part of the vehicle driver assist system (ADAS) – automated braking, lane departure warnings etc. When you have your windscreen replaced, this system is required to be recalibrated. If the camera is even a few millimetres out, it will no longer function correctly and may increase the risk of an accident. If your car has these safety cameras, we offer a in house recalibration service after a windscreen replacement for many vehicle types. For some vehicle models where our Autel or Hella system is not yet available, we have connections with local car dealerships and will arrange the recalibration on your behalf.   

Our glazing staff have qualifications in Automotive Glazing Technology.  

Motor Vehicle Repair Lic. MVRL58926



Windscreen crack = annoying! 

If you have a cracked windscreen there is no denying it can be annoying but if you have comprehensive motor insurance, with windscreen replacement as an option, it is no big deal. Some comprehensive motor vehicle insurance policies include cover for damaged window glass and the problem can be sorted out quickly and easily. Plus, there’s likely to be little (could be your excess amount or other) or no cost to you depending on your insurer and your policy. We always recommend checking your policy. Each will have their own terms and conditions that may vary when it comes to windscreen damage.

Not all comprehensive policies include windscreen cover, so check the optional extras and the costs involved to make sure you are getting the best bang for your buck.


Windscreen Standards Information (pdf)

MV Repairer Lic Verify Service NSW (pdf)

Frequently Asked Questions

Please reach out to us if you cannot find an answer to your question.

Before jumping in to a replacement windscreen, you may be able to get a chip repair. This can save you money in the long run. Repairs can be done if the stone chip is less than a 10 cent piece in size, with cracks no longer than 15mm. If the chip is not in the driver’s line of sight and not within 5cm of the windscreen edge. If in doubt call in and one of our staff can advise.

For you, passengers and vehicle safety, the best option is to take it to a professional like us at Hunter Valley Glass & Windscreens who can carry out the repair with ease. 

  1. We can first assess the crack to see if it can be repaired or not.
  2. The area of the chip is cleaned of any glass or debris like dirt.
  3. A special tool that creates a vacuum, a clear resin is applied into the chip or crack. This helps the resin fill all the parts, without trapping air bubbles which can compromise the repair.
  4. A UV light or hardening treatment is then applied before the area is cleaned.

Getting your windscreen repaired by us ensures that your car is in top condition with quality work.

The cost of replacing your windscreen depends on the make and model of your vehicle.  Additional factors such as special features like a head-up display (HUD) or lane departure warning system (ADAS) can further increase the cost of replacement. Call Hunter Valley Glass & Windscreens for a quote prior to scheduling a replacement. Have the following information at the ready –  make, model, year of manufacture, any rain sensors, antenna, or cameras on the front windscreen. You could even email an enquiry with photos of your windscreen to enquiries@huntervalleyglass.com.au.