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Emergency Glass Replacement

Broken glass can pose a risk to your family, visitors, customers, staff or passers-by. Glass breakages can be a nuisance but we are here to assist. We can make the area safe / board up to make secure. We offer a 24-hour emergency service. Our on-call team are able to replace all types of glass including commercial, industrial, road and civil machinery glass, residential windows and doors. Call our on-call service 0418682522.


We do windscreen repairs and replacements on all makes and models of vehicles including trucks and heavy vehicles, 4WDs, luxury cars and sports cars. We replace all glass on a vehicle from the front windscreen, rear windscreen, driver window, passenger window, or quarter glass. We use only quality glass that is compliant with Australian Standards. We also work with an extensive network of motor dealerships and accident repairers.

Household Glass

Window reglazes in the home can occur all to easily. Accidents happen, if you find yourself in this situation, call and we can quote over the phone with the information you provide. Glass replacement in windows, all types – high, low, awning, sliding, fixed, any type. We can replace glass in doors, hinged, sliding all to AS1288 standards using laminated or toughened safety glass. Ask about specialised glass types with a range of benefits - energy saving, comfort and blocking out unwanted noise.
We can supply customise sized glass tabletops, great to protect timber furniture, glass shelving, including supply of brackets, replacement of glass in cabinet doors, adding a pet door to a window or door, including providing the pet door to suit. Toughened safety glass to protect you and your family. Polished edged to finish off the look we are all after. We can even cut to size glass and mirrors in our workshop for your own projects, to complete that frame or diy plan.
Household Glass Photo Mirror
Household Glass Photo


A showerscreen can add the WOW factor to your bathroom. If you are looking at replacing an existing old tired screen or adding a new element to your bathroom we can assist. All of our showercreens are designed and tailored to your bathroom. We believe every bathroom is different and time needs to be invested to ensure the right design, manafacturing and installation is completed.
We are able to provide all shapes sizes for;

Configurations for all showerscreen types to choose from

Bath screens, shower panels, 90 degree showers, 45 degree corner entry showers. Speak with our team members to discuss options available for your space.

Our showerscreens and glass products comply with Australian Standards AS1288.

Additional to your showerscreen we can provide glass shelves for in the shower or bathroom area and polished edge mirrors to finish off your project.

What is the best way to care for and maintain my shower screen?

Ensure your showerscreen will last the distance by maintaining them well. At least once a week, wipe hinges with methylated spirits diluted with water and a clean cloth. Avoid using scrubbing pads on the glass or any products that contain bleach or ammonia. White vinegar or soapy water works well on the glass to keep it looking clean and fresh all year round.


Request a quote for a showerscreen.

If you’re ready to get started on your new bathroom design, get in touch with the team at Hunter Valley Glass & Windscreens today.

Request an obligation-free quote by sending an email to or by filling in our online enquiry form. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible. For more immediate assistance you can call us directly on (02) 65721788. Alternatively, pop into our Singleton showroom and take a look at some of our shower screens on display to get an idea of what’s possible.

Safety Doors and Screens

Enjoy the fresh air without the bugs. We can fabricate and install hinged, sliding screen doors and window screens. Choice of colours to match the existing colour doors or window frames. A complete range of screening and accessories available. All products are custom made to suit your requirements and home.

Various types of mesh options are available – download more information here


Request a quote for a window screen or screen door.

Request an obligation-free quote by sending an email to or by filling in our online enquiry form. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible. For more immediate assistance you can call us directly on (02) 65721788. Alternatively, pop into our Singleton showroom and take a look at some of our mesh screens on display to get an idea of what’s possible.

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Hunter Valley Glass & Windscreens specialise in providing glass to the mining and earthmoving industry. With a 24 hour call out service replacement of cab glass. We assist some of Australia ‘s largest leading mining and earthmoving corporations with the supply, fabrication and installation of laminated safety glass/windscreens for all types of machinery including draglines, drills, trucks, bulldozers, loaders, excavators and light vehicles. We have extensive experience on all makes of earthmoving and quarry machines. Our experience allows us to be extremely responsive to our customer’s needs, our knowledge of the machine types and our extensive database and templates allows us to minimize the installation and downtime of the machine, saving our customers time and money.

FAQ's About our services

– Is it a door or window?

– get an approximate size of the glass: say the height 1st & width

– frame type? e.g. aluminum, timber etc.

– where is it? e.g. bathroom, lounge, toilet?

– how high is it from the floor? e.g. knee level, hip level, eye level

– any door close by? any security screen in front of the window?

– any colonial bars? colonial bars are usually stuck on to glass with glue or double-sided tape, clear glass or frosted glass?

To get a quote over the phone, take down some notes to give to our staff, such as the following answers:

– approximate size: height x width( 1 or 2 or 3 sides )

– what type of shower? fully framed, semi frameless or frameless, pivot door or sliders?

– glass: clear or frosted?

It’s made by heating glass to a molten state at about 600 degrees Celsius followed by sudden chilling with compressed air. This cooling process causes the surface to contract rapidly, forming a rigid outer layer around the glass making it much stronger than conventional glass and far more resistant to impact stress and temperature change.As a result of its safety and strength, toughened glass is used in a variety of demanding applications, including, shower doors, glass doors and tables, bathroom windows, etc.

A break in toughened glass such as a shower screen or sliding door panel can occur when a small chip or weakening in the hard outer layer of the glass disturbs its surface tension. This could cause it to burst inwards or implode without warning.Fortunately, when toughened glass implodes, it’s small blunt cube-like granules that are far less dangerous than the jagged shards of regular glass.Standards for shower screens – The Building Code of Australia requires shower screens and shower doors comply with two Australian Standards:

AS 1288:1994, Glass Buildings-Selection and installation

AS/NZS 2208:1996, Safety glazing materials in buildings

Consists of two or more sheets of glassbonded together by heat and pressure with aninterlayer. The result is a durable, adaptable highperformance glazing material that can providesolutions to many glazing applications.